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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Money-Worthy Products

I decided to make a list of products that are environment and animal-friendly. I will probably update this somewhat regularly as I find new and interesting products. If they have websites, I'll leave links so you can check them out on the web. If you have any recommendations that fit into this category, please let me know.

Bath and Body Works: They never test on animals. They are always coming out with new products that smell wonderful. This pumpkin is a nightlight that scents the room with creamy caramel. It lasts up to two months (plenty of time to keep up Halloween decorations.) There are other holiday styles and every day styles as well.

Burt's Bees: "Earth Friendly, Natural Personal Care Company." They had to convince a company to produce recycled plastic for their lip balm, which took years, and now it is widely used. They do not test on animals and produce very high quality products from natural ingredients. I Love this stuff! A great humanitarian company!

Alba Organics Skincare: Just tried the bubble bath and it is wonderful :).
My skin felt so soft and smooth. A bit pricy at $8.00/bottle but worth it.
They have a variety of products from skincare to lipbalm to hair products made from cruelty-free ingredients.

Eco Animal: Adorable products for your pets such as this treat jar that are non-toxic and earth-friendly, too. They also have biodegradable items such as litter liners. (They are part of Eco Choices, which has many divisions - not just pets.) has several sites of which the proceeds go to great charities. They have stores with clothing, gift ideas, jewelry, holiday items, and more. There are separate stores set up to help causes such as the rainforest, literacy, hunger, breast cancer, ecology, and animal rescue. I am ordering the cutest kitten calendar for next year :) . You can switch easily from one store to the other. Great site for Christmas shopping! The Rainforest Site Store

Want something more affordable? I have been using St. Ives products for years. They are made from natural ingredients and do not test on animals. You can find their products everywhere. My favorites are their 24-hour moisture lotion, their regular apricot scrub (exfoliator) for my body, and sensitive skin apricot scrub for my face. It leaves your skin soft and pretty :) . There's an even bigger selection of products online.