Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. - Theodore Isaac Rubin

Monday, September 24, 2007

Animal Rescue

Animals, especially cute little baby animals, always bring a smile to my face. I have been an animal lover since birth; so I figured what better topic to start my 'happy' blog with than my favorite thing, animals... I read through a lot of animal rescue stories but this one really got my attention.

I will paraphrase because I'm not real familiar with copyright laws, but I'm sure I won't tell it quite as well as this woman from Philadelphia did.

A woman started her engine and heard a horrible sound and a painful cry from a cat. She hurriedly turned it off, opened her hood to find blood and fur, and was crying uncontrollably trying to get through the engine parts to find a baby kitten.
She rushed it to the vet and found it had many severely broken bones. The bill was going to be thousands of dollars if she didn't euthanize her but she hadn't worked in a while herself due to a car accident. She couldn't put her down so she called many radio stations and talk shows and pleaded for help.
Calls started pouring in and vets were willing to help with the costs as well. The cat ended up making a full recovery and lived happily ever after with that woman. :)

It's so great to know there are such kind, generous people out there in a world that isn't always so friendly.

I absolutely adore these "tea-cup" persian kittens than run hundreds if not thousands of dollars. I would never dream of buying one, even if rich. There are so many pets that need rescued from shelters. Why breed animals when there are so many without homes? Many breeding practices have been shown to be unhealthy anyways.

Do you have any animal rescue stories? Please share them! I love to read those kinds of things. Have you ever volunteered for an animal shelter? What do you think of breeding?