Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. - Theodore Isaac Rubin

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Powder-Fresh Li'l Sh*thead!

Day 1: Week of Positive Blogging - Post with discussions of your positive memories, writings, thoughts, and images that you have come across in your life. It could be a place, it could be a photo, it could be a film, it could be anything.

My little brother and my nephew.

Back when I was about 13, my little brother Brett was about 3 or 4. He used to imitate people. Sometimes the wrong people. One day after I walked into my room to find him rubbing my deodorant all over his body he did one I'll never forget. It was my dad's roommate, an older woman, heavy smoker, who thought she was pretty hot. In nothing but his little diaper, he did her walk, swinging his hips, and acting like he was holding a cigarette. He then said, "Doughboy, you a**hole!" Doughboy is what my dad's roommate called my cousin. I about died. After my dad passed away, I never got to see him again except one time with my grandma. But I loved him to death. I loved when I'd walk by his room and he'd be standing in his crib and hold his arms out to me and smile :) .

My nephew, who is now five reminds me so much of him. They are both so adorable, the thought of them always makes me smile. I don't have any pics of my little brother but he looked just like this pic of my nephew.

My favorite memory of my nephew was two summers ago. I had this giant body pillow shaped like a fish and he took and said "My fish!" and I teasingly said "Hey that's my fishy!" He looked at me, looked at the sliding glass doors that go out to the balcony, and made a run for it. That little booger threw my fish down three stories out onto the neighbors' lawn. I took one of his stuffed animals and tossed it over and he did not like that at all! He started pouting and tearing up and ran and told my mom. He said Cece is mean! She said did you be mean to her first? He said "yeeeeeaahhhh." He came over and hugged me and said I'm sorry, Cece. It was so freaking cute! I gave him a kiss and went and got the giant fish pillow and the teddy bear and got some weird looks on the way. Cherish all the little ones in your life :) .