Kindness is more important than wisdom, and the recognition of this is the beginning of wisdom. - Theodore Isaac Rubin

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

30 Million Helping Hands

If you had 3 months with which to spend $ 30 Million in order to change the world what would you do?
Thirty million really isn't that much when you're trying to change the world! There are many problems with this country today but one you don't hear about often enough. There are people with no place to live. We send out tons of money in aid to help other countries, but we have hungry people here, too.

Many people that I know have bad attitudes towards homeless people, like they could work if they really wanted to. Unless you're in those shoes, do you really know? I have never been homeless but was in fear several times of becoming homeless as a child. A college roommate of mine was homeless for a while. It's not easy, and it's not laziness. Would someone choose to struggle for their daily meal out of laziness? It doesn't seem very logical to me. I've read many stories where people were abused and terrorized by awful, usually alcoholic, parents and they run away as young people. What happens then? They're surrounded by not so good people who become their only 'community.' Maybe they start to use drugs from the influence of their new 'family' or just start to spiral downward. Itwould be hard to pull yourself out of that. It wouldn't be easy to survive on your own or raise yourself. You never know a random person's story so I don't judge homeless people.
How can your heart not go out to someone in that situation? How can you not be saddened after seeing a homeless person laying behind a building? No warmth, no safety, no food, no family? It's the American dream to own your own home, but to not even have a place to stay? I couldn't imagine going through that.
Life is not fair! Why do some people get a cushy life with all the luxuries and some don't even have a dime to their name or anyone who cares about them? Ever seen American Psycho? He is really mean to a homeless guy and he kills him and his dog. I cried uncontrollably! Unfortunately, there are many people who feel that way about the homeless and are mean to them.
How easy would it be to get hired? Even at McDonald's, I'd hope they'd want someone who at least showers and appears hygienic.
So, I think I would open a huge shelter for the homeless.
There would be a program, let's say six months, where they're taught job skills. They are given a couple of nice professional outfits, or whatever attire is appropriate, and cleaned up. There would be counselors for them to talk to and groups to help them prepare mentally for getting back on their feet. I'm sure if they did make a better life for themselves, most of them would give back and make donations to the shelter to help others. We would have more people paying into taxes and social security. The streets would be cleaner. There'd be a little more hope in the world.

It wouldn't just be a gathering for alcoholics and drug addicts. If they had a dependency problem, they would be sent to rehab first.

Do you think this is a feasible plan or not? What would you do with $30 million?